Remote Together

Asian Mud Dauber Wasp: You mean no herring ever tried to swim across a pipeline?
Herring: Luckily not! Nobody does. Nobody ever did.

Remote Together - Reality Vaccine is a format combining new digital and hybrid forms of shared theatrical experience. Various artists in Europe work together using new digital tools. For the first edition, Transit Productions is developing a series of simultaneous performances with theater maker Pankaj Tiwari (Amsterdam), the collective Club Real (Berlin), and visual artists Thomas Hörl & Peter Kozek (Vienna) which will be experienced both locally and digitally.
At various European locations, the performers enter into dialogue with the creatures of the city. The audience accompanies the performers on the trail of humans as species among species, takes a look at pack formations and swarm intelligences subtly organizing our coexistence. These artistic expeditions take place simultaneously at all locations and each sends a signal to the main hub. There, a live direction team combines the various feeds into a live broadcast video stream, which in turn feeds into the localperfromances via smartphone. In this way the local audience groups unite for the duration of the event forming a transnational Supra swarm and the interventions and performances become a reciprocally active net of hybrid art, casting itself over all involved beings.

Performances: 19th May 2022, 10th, 11th, 12th and 14th June 2022

Team Berlin:
Marianne Ramsay-Sonneck, Tuire Tuomisto, Mathias Lenz, David Lindemann, Georg Reinhardt, Valentin Scholz
Theatre Partner Berlin + Tickets + more information: Ballhaus Ost

Team Switzerland:
Transit Productions

Funded by:
Stadt Zürich - Kultur,
Fachstelle Kultur Kanton Zürich
Pro Helvetia
Elisabeth Weber Stiftung
Cassinelli-Vogel Stiftung
Niilo Helanderin Säätiö
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